Graduating from renowned secretarial training school,  Sara Beattie College, Julia went on to gain years of extensive experience in executive secretarial support, client relations and event management in Hong Kong.  With a love for creative ideas and all things organisational, she founded J'Belle Events in 2016, an event planning service specialising in large-scaled, private events. Through that, she quickly became recognised by her circle as the “go-to” person for ideas, connections and resources, like a real-life concierge!  This was the inception of Finesse.

“My passion for helping others surpasses any difficulty a task or request may come with. Today's abundance of easily accessible information means there is NO question a little research won’t answer.  I've learned how to do a million things I've never done before and sourced items I never even knew existed!  My approach is this: what I don’t know today, I’ll know by tomorrow.”


Finesse was created in 2019 to bring friendly personal assistance to those who are overwhelmed by life responsibilities and to be an affordable, outsourced solution for small businesses needing help in different areas of operation.  For both audiences,  Finesse's main focus is to alleviate unnecessary stress by independently tackling menial tasks and providing clients with reliable support on bigger projects, through a dedicated team of multi-talented client managers and PAs. 

“Personal assistants are counted on for being two things: organised and resourceful.  Our job is to think ahead and in the best interest of our client.  We are gatekeepers, planners, coordinators, researchers, consultants and to many, confidants.  It’s important to us that we are able to understand our clients, their lives and their struggles in order to provide a service that is complementary to them.”