frequently asked questions

what exactly is a lifestyle personal assistant?

We can also be referred to as virtual assistants, a personal concierge, administrative assistants or very simply, your PA.  Working remotely, our job is to simplify complicated life admin and chores by allowing you to delegate them to us.

Finesse provides practical and affordable assistance in many areas of life for example: research for an upcoming holiday destination, planning of a special celebration, organising a boat party, paper work, picking up or posting mail, running errands, or organising your home. 

We are your extra pair of hands – doing things you don’t have the time for and helping you check items off your to-do list.


how are you different from other concierge services?

Your dedicated PA/lifestyle manager will learn about your preferences, important upcoming events and life on a day-to-day basis to identify the areas we can make simpler for you.  Your lifestyle PA is your main go-to person, friend and support.

Home & Pet Management – We provide solutions not only for personal and social obligations; whether it’s house sitting while you are out of town, old furniture or junk disposal, wardrobe organisation, tidying up, decluttering, finding a reliable dog walker or taking your pet to their appointments – we care for both your home and pet as if they were our own.  

Communication – It can be frustrating waiting for a return call for an urgently needed answer.  One of the ways we eliminate long waiting time is by regularly corresponding with our clients through WhatsApp – to receive instructions and give quick responses. Real-time updating and simple reporting are also done through WhatsApp to speed up the decision making process.


Practicality –  Finesse takes a down-to-earth approach to lifestyle management; providing practical and economical everyday solutions.  Our definition of ‘luxury’ is returning to a tidy home after a long day,  being able to switch off work-mode and not needing to think about all the other non-work related ‘stuff’ that we were ‘meant to do’ because it’s already been done!


please explain your pricing plans.

We will always endeavour to complete requests within a reasonable timeframe however, under various circumstances, durations can vary.  

We provide you with different pricing plans suited to your needs. 

catch up (task list based): This plan is suited for individuals who have pressing items on their checklist that are often delayed due to other priorities.  These are simple tasks that we perform remotely (no more than an hour per task).  We tackle these items once and for all so that your accounts, bills, renewals, subscriptions and other life administrative matters are up-to-date.   Tasks that require larger amounts of  time and dedication will be assessed and may incur a slightly different cost.  

a busy month (hour based): This plan is tailored to suit individuals who need on-going personal assistance in all aspects of life whether it is to catch up on delayed tasks, help with current events or planning ahead for the month.  With full access to our entire service list, your PA will work remotely and onsite helping you with small and large sized projects, wherever you need her.  

All packages are valid for 1 month only. 

No long-term commitments.  Pay as you go or only when you need!


what happens if i don't use up all the hours in my package?

Remaining minutes can be rolled over to the next month however must be consumed within 7 days or added to your next package.


do i call a hotline to make requests?

Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated PA.  Each PA will have a limited number of clients to ensure that all needs are tended to.  Requests can be made directly through your agreed method of communication such as email or WhatsApp.


who can use finesse?

Finesse is suited for the busy professional, entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, small business owners, working parents, frequent travellers, retirees and newly relocated expats.


can you help with my personal finances?

Throughout the course of our service, your credit card details may be required but for the sole purpose of making purchases or bookings on your behalf.  For financial, legal, medical or other regulated matters, we will do our best to connect you with the appropriate professional advisors and consultants.


what happens if you can't perform a task?

Collecting the right information and doing the necessary research to complete a task is part of our job.  In any case we are not able to perform a task ourselves, we will source the appropriate suppliers or third party contractors for example handymen or an expert consultant.


can i share a package with another person?

Yes, packages can be shared by up to two people however must have a single stream of communication and billing will be addressed to only one person.  Packages can be shared between spouses, close friends, family members or colleagues.


what if i don't need the full service?

We offer one-off project services that can be found on our Services page.  Please also feel free to get in touch with us with your specific requirements and we'd be happy to build a package around your specific needs.


do i have to sign a contract and how do i pay?

It is important that our clients read and agree to the terms of our Client Services Agreement that sent along with an invoice to be settled in full prior to the commencement of our services.  

We only accept cheque and bank transfer.


what are your business hours and where do you operate?

Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00am-6:00pm although our lines are open for requests 24/7.  Non-urgent matters will be tended to the next working day. 

We currently operate only on Hong Kong Island; Central & Western and Wanchai District.


how do i get started?

Get in touch with us through our contact page here or send us an email at or chat with us through our chat box.