When is it time to hire an Executive Assistant?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Executive Assistants can be lifesavers professionally. They step into many different roles, taking over tasks like scheduling executives’ appointments, admin work, personal errands and in some cases duties of their Executive in their absence.

Hiring an Assistant can potentially save you hours of work each day, having said that if you are not ready or at the stage of on-boarding an assistant then this can cause unwanted stress or create an expensive mistake. Ensuring you are at the right stage of hiring is key.

Remember … If you don’t have an Executive Assistant then you are the Executive Assistant!

Here are a few signs as to when it is the right time to hire an EA:

You’re Feeling Overwhelmed With Responsibilities: With a large increase in work-related stress this is usually the first and most obvious signal that it’s time to find an Executive Assistant.

Your Business is growing and new responsibilities continue to stack up: Tasks you used to be able to handle easily start falling by the wayside. The smallest of tasks need to be attended to but you seem to not have time or they seem too small or starting to feel like a chore in comparison to the ‘larger’ or more ‘important’ tasks at hand. In order for the business to run smoother, these tasks still need to be attended to and falling behind can have a snowball affect on everything else.

This is when many Executives start finding that being in control of their schedules and to-do lists is near on impossible. Missing meetings, arriving late because of scheduling miscommunications or become forgetful. As responsibilities grow, they start to find that they’re increasingly needed in two places at once.

An EA’s core responsibilities are to help alleviate stress and many specialise in handling appointment scheduling and screening requests so that executives don’t have to halt to deal with each request personally and filtering these out is often the secret trick to bringing responsibilities to a manageable level.

You Can Afford It: Of course, you’ll need more than just work stress to justify hiring a new Executive Assistant. You also want to make sure that you can pay them.

Due to increasing demands, Executives start to face a more and more chaotic workday each morning. This pushes many Executives into survival mode. In survival mode, they can’t get ahead of daily tasks to work on the leadership that companies need for growth.

It may be take several months before your new Executive Assistant will be able to work at full capacity. During those months, you’ll likely have to spend a good deal of your own (limited) time training them. Keep that in mind.

The salary amount will vary based on the level of experience of any Assistant you hire and if you don’t want to do as much training yourself or don’t have the resources to train someone, spending more for a more experienced Assistant might be necessary.

Understanding exactly how you want your Assistant to help: Hiring anyone without a clear idea of what they will be responsible for is a big mistake — and that definitely applies to Executive Assistant hires as well.

We all often tend to underestimate how long it will take others to learn the tasks that could be considered second nature to yourself, like scheduling appointments according to our unique preferences. If you’re not clear on what you expect your assistant to accomplish each day, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of frustration.

In some cases, Executives begin outsourcing their most repetitive tasks, like processing paperwork or running reports for analysis. Tasks like these are ideal for a new hire whilst you both are getting used to working together.

Pay attention to exactly how you spend time each day to determine the tasks you can most easily pass off to an assistant. You can even keep a time log to get insight into which tasks are interrupting your flow and taking up an unexpected amount of time.

If you are looking for a full time Assistant, It is best to hire an Executive Assistant when you’re sure that you have work for them that will continue for the long-term. If you feel you desperately need help then hiring a remote or part-time assistant if you find that you don’t have enough work for a full-time, on-site employee is a better option. There will be more flexibility for the both of you and discussions can be made if the workload increases to move over into a full time role.

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