"I am extremely grateful for Finesse Lifestyles and the support I have from my assistant Jess! She's so supportive, professional and efficient. The help she gives me enables me to spend more time working with clients on the ground."

"We used Finesse first as a personal assistant but it became apparent that they could also be very helpful with some corporate issues such as expenses filing, office supplies ordering and travel management. The ability to get them to bridge the two became invaluable during the working from home periods. They are efficient problem solvers with a smile.


We have yet to see an issue they can't find a creative solution for!"

Bas, Lawyer

Hauzen LLP

“Working with Julia is an absolute joy.  I would highly recommend Finesse to anyone needing prompt, useful and friendly personal assistance.”

20 hours monthly | business admin

20 hours | personal & business admin

20 hours monthly | business admin

Jeff, Founder of Impact HK


Edouard, Hedge Fund Manager

Ascender Capital

"Finesse helped us with a range of tasks from decluttering, wardrobe organisation and selling of unwanted items to administrative tasks such as change of address related to banking and telecommunication services and international drivers license applications . Julia and her team have a great attitude and are highly knowledgeable in the processes necessary to complete various life admin tasks that a busy professional or family does not necessarily have the time to allocate to, or, would rather use that time to spend with loved ones! 

Julia is our lifestyle angel and would recommend her services to anyone that needs a helping hand in this busy city."

"Finesse has assisted us in a number of ways as we grew our team and expanded our business in Hong Kong and Singapore over the past year. We are able to delegate tasks to them that we have little time to take care of ourselves like formatting documents, creating and printing business cards for new trainers, arranging handymen, finding us movers for our new space and organising our team socials. 

We’re really glad such a service exists for young businesses who often need ad-hoc help like we do, so we can focus on the groundwork. Thanks for your creative ideas and always being so efficient!"

10 hours monthly | business admin

"My Finesse PA is extremely professional and efficient. Once she has a brief there aren’t thousands of questions... she uses her initiative and gets the job done! Finesse are in a different league!

Highly recommended."

10 hours | personal admin

10 hours | personal admin

Jessi, Entrepreneur

Founder of ANDRSN Flowers & Tushie Cakery

Shaan, Broker


Jon, Josh & Ben

Founders of ONE Personal Training

"With the last minute lifting of some social distancing measures in early June, I approached Julia 48 hours before my sons graduation party and she managed to help us give them the celebration they deserved. She proposed several ideas and venues got us special offers and arranged everything from initial contract to following up after the event to see how it all panned out. She made the event planning process seem like a breeze and took all the stress off of my shoulders."

one off project | event planning
HKIS Graduation

 "Getting assistance with planning a charity's annual event was a relief and saved so much time.  I had help with research, sourcing a great band that fit with our theme, liaising with different companies for sponsorships and more.  

Julia’s gift of organisation surpasses the norm! She really is amazing and works beyond her potential.  I’m truly thankful to know such a wonderful person. Thank you for all that you have done...our journey together has just begun."

"Over the years I’d collected so much stuff, in all corners of the house, I didn’t even know what I had any more! Julia came in, armed with dozens of dividers, hangers, compartments, personally weeding through my stuff and organising them. No fuss and with a happy attitude; she showed us all how to sort and continue to maintain the organisation. It was delightful working with her!"

Ravi, CEO

Sherav HK

Ashlee, Event Planner

Pathfinders HK

one off project | event planning
Pathfinders 11th Anniversary

one off project | decluttering


"I needed Julia for closet organisation, but she has a wide range of services that is perfect for a busy professional. She’s a very lovely person that not only didn’t mind my clutter and messy house, she also taught my daughter how to fold t-shirt sandwiches! (Yes, it’s good to start them young!) and arranged for a charity to pick up the donations. I know she does home decluttering, house organisation and any errands that you can’t run, she can do them for you, like your own personal assistant!"

"I used to live in Hong Kong and arranged birthday celebrations each year involving a boat party and dinners with friends; since I moved to Singapore, this became even more difficult to the point that I debated on giving up.  Finesse made this complex activity so much simpler for me this year because I didn’t have to do anything!  They took over every aspect of planning like handling my bookings, managing guest lists, arranging the f&b and kept me updated consistently.  Julia and her team are so amazing to work with!  Very highly recommended for any working professional who wants to make their life simpler – you will be in competent hands."

one off project | event planning


"I recently engaged Finesse Lifestyles to help me out with a few tasks-eg event planning, arranging an installation of a new wardrobe, digital filing and other bits and bobs. Jessie Bouchot was super helpful in getting the tasks done with minimal fuss. It all helped to make my life much easier, especially through a really busy period."

Melissa, Business Owner

and super mum

Flora, Working Professional

Professional Services

Brian, Design Director

EPAM Global

10 hours | personal admin

one off project | closet organisation

one off project | closet organisation

10 hours | personal admin

Brian, Design Director

EPAM Global

“Being 73 years old and not quite as mobile as I used to be, Julia is a huge help in my every day life. She assists me with debugging my devices, sourcing items and supplements for my joint pains, errands, moving furniture and most recently, caring for my pet poodle who needed an emergency operation. Julia arranged all the necessary appointments, personally transported my pet, brought her home with care and was even kind enough to administer her medication and bandages before she left. I couldn’t have asked for more in my time of need – Finesse is godsend!”

10 hours | personal admin